Ph. D.'s from SMU and UNT join War of Wings

Posted by: Tanner McElroy @ 05:59PM on 12/12/2012
Ph. D.'s from SMU and UNT join War of Wings

PH. D.'S FROM SMU AND UNT JOIN WAR OF WINGS - Tim Boswell, Ph. D. and Janet Harris, Ph. D.

The editing process in my opinion is one that could truly never be finished.  In a novel with over 80,000 words, I can’t read through it without wanting to change a word, add something, or condense a sentence.  I truly believe that you can accomplish anything in this world with the right people as long as you don’t take all the credit.   I am so pleased to announce the incredible team of editors we have been working with for the final draft of War of Wings.  They are Tim Boswell, Ph. D. and Janet Harris, Ph. D.

Tim’s resume is truly perfect with a B.A., an M.A. in English / "Portraits" Short story collection, and a Ph. D. in English / Literary Fiction (Novel) from UNT.  He also teaches “American Literature from 1870 to Present” and “Creative Writing” at the University of North Texas, has edited many published works on the craft, given lectures, and other standout performances in fiction.  I met with him for about 3 hours initially and found his comments were more impressive than his credentials.  He is a true master of our craft with a passion and deep understanding of great storytelling.   I am honored to work so closely with someone I know will help bring out the best in this manuscript. 

Janet Harris’ resume is beyond impressive.  The following is from the Southern Methodist University website, where she teaches in Dallas:  “Dr. Harris has taught literature and writing for over twenty-five years with special emphasis on the connection between learning from other writers and application of that knowledge to writing projects.  She has helped more than 100 writers develop, edit, and publish their work and has guided more than 85 books into print for literary and mass markets. Co-author of a literature and composition text, she has published articles, monographs, and reviews.“  The following are some of the courses she has taught:
-FNAR 6306 Reading to Write: Learning from the Masters
-FNAR 6396 Time Past, Time Present Storytelling with a Backdrop of History
-HUMN 6115 Classic Texts: Portrait of a Lady, Invisible Man, Short Fiction of Edgar Allan Poe, Short Fiction of Eudora Welty, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Heart of Darkness, Angle of Repose, All the King's Men, The House of Seven Gables, and Billy Budd
-HUMN 6370 The Literate Mind at Work
-HUMN 6373 American Regional Literature, including Texas Literature, Literature of the Southwest, Literature of the West, Literature of the South, Literature of New England."  Janet is a caring, brilliant, wonderful woman to work with, and I could not be more proud to have her on our team. 

I will keep updating this blog on our process as this fascinating journey continues.   I have many more photos, videos, and snippets to share for first time writers and everyone else following along.  I could not be happier working on this craft of writing and growing with these talented people.  We all have a voice and everyone has a story to tell.  War of Wings has come a long way, but we've only just begun.

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