Bringing the Novel to Life in Art

Posted by: Tanner McElroy @ 02:47PM on 10/29/2012
Bringing the Novel to Life in Art

While writing this novel I had vivid images of how I wanted the angels, locations, and scenes to look.  I used descriptions from Isaiah in the Bible as well as a blend of other images I had seen from books, art, and paintings in the past.  Then I was able to build the world of Heaven through words.  We searched high and low for an artist that could pull off the enormous task of bringing Heaven to life and even failed a little bit before we came across the incomparable Bastien Grivet.  We had to figure out a way to contact him all the way out in Montpelier, France after seeing his work because we immediately knew he was the one guy that could provide us priceless images!  After continuously trying to get ahold of him he read about the project and to our amazement wanted to work on it!  I was so pleasantly surprised, and when he sent us some more images today I knew we had someone irreplaceable!  Check out these three new images to see where he is headed!



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